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17 декабря 2016, 08:25

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Welcome to - the leading platform for the distribution of press-releases in Russian segment of the Internet Information service provides small and medium businesses to ensure recognition in the Network by the regular production and publication of news releases in tape and leading online media. The spokesman is only required to create a profile of the company to place an order for the distribution and add the press release to the ribbon No contract or monthly subscriptions - use the service as needed, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

What is press release first press release - this is an informational message about the company's socially significant event addressed to the representative of the media for subsequent use as starting material in the preparation of news articles. Earlier press releases were distributed via Fax email or in person within the press kits set of informational materials for the press are issued on a press-conferences. Now you can post company news in the online mode. for this we have prepared 750 sites where to add press release. Everything is available through one window - save your time and resources on laquoлогистикеraquo it's so simple

The Internet has changed the whole principle of distribution of news content. Because it is very technical language of the press release replaced natural references in the text - you shoot with the press release the load on the clarification so how can just give a link to more information on the product or industry. In addition to the journalists with 98% of them conduct searches on the Internet in the same way as ordinary users turning to search in Yandex and Google use news aggregators to read blogs and pages in social networks to find a story for another article. Just give them your story

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